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Discovery Activities

Translational focus from the start to bring the right drug to the right patient.

At Oncodesign, we strongly believe in Platform Based Drug Discovery. The combination of four complementary research platforms creates a continuum from compound conception to clinical application. The early integration of biomarker discovery and multi-modality imaging allows to position the resulting compounds towards the patients that need them most.


PlatformsOur Discovery Projects are based on the Nanocyclix® technology and compounds. This medicinal chemistry platform provides access to biologically active macrocyclic small molecules with unique properties. The Nanokinib library contains thousands of diversified and novel kinase inhibitors that provide highly potent and selective leads for both well established and unexplored kinases, with good overall drug-like properties. In addition, the platform approach allows for accelerated and resource-efficient optimisation. Oncodesign proposes shared risk Discovery


Programs starting from its internal pipeline of programs, or applies its proprietary Nanocyclix® technology on its partner's leads and/or targets.

Drug Discovery Programs

More about our internal Drug Discovery Programs

Biomarker Discovery Programs

Oncodesign proposes fully integrated Therapeutic & Biomarker development


See our attractive pipeline of first in class and next generation kinase inhibitors