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Preclinical Evaluation Services

Oncodesign’ preclinical experimentation services meet the pharma industry's needs: we provide a broad range of products and services for the assessment and validation of anti-cancer therapies, as well as biomarker development and monitoring.

Our PhD-led team works with our clients to select the most appropriate study design and screening method to conduct preclinical assays:

  • Selection of appropriate in vitro and in vivo models
  • Drug formulation for in vivo administration
  • PK profiling and PD biomarker identification
  • Dose and schedule optimization
  • Drug combination
  • Drug efficacy and resistance evaluation

Our experts in oncology work closely with our clients through all stages of the drug discovery and development process to provide a complete solution based on a wide range of services.

The whole process includes one or several of our technological platforms. These platforms are the result of 20 years of experience and build-up in oncology pharmacology: molecular and cellular pharmacology, formulation, in vitro pharmacology, histopathology, in vivo pharmacology, translational pharmaco-imaging and medicinal chemistry. Along with our experience, database and LIMS, we ensure that we provide accurate data and expert assistance in your preclinical drug qualification.


For each of your preclinical research project, a Study Director at Oncodesign is appointed to lead the entire study. The Study Director is assisted by a weekly scientific steering committee, to conduct your study in an effective and dynamic environment. We develop long-term relationships with our clients by ensuring rapidity, reliability and efficacy in our processes.


Oncodesign animal facilities are AAALAC accredited.

Preclinical Models

Oncodesign's platform offers a large panel of validated models appropriate for your drug target or therapeutic indication...

Study Designs

Our PhD-led team works closely with our clients to select the best study design and screening method to conduct preclinical assays...