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A Word from the Chairman


Philippe Genne -  Chairman & Chief Executive Officer


Dear Sir, Dear Madam,

Following the success of our IPO on the Alternext Paris, we would like to thank all of our shareholders, both historical and new, for the trust they have placed in us and their decision to accompany the development of ONCODESIGN, a leading biotech devoted to discovering new therapies for fighting cancer and other serious illnesses for which there is currently no known efficacious treatment. 
Indeed, this success is the result of a remarkable journey. Founded in 1995, ONCODESIGN initially focused on predicting the potential efficacy of anti-cancer molecules from major biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. It then shifted its emphasis and improved its predictive technology to make it a world leader. Today, with more than 3,000 therapeutic molecules tested, more than 500 clients and the unique experience we have acquired, we are continuing to take our mission a step further and now also use our technology to develop our own molecules.
We have targeted the most promising family of therapeutic molecules: kinase inhibitors1. This family alone represents a market estimated to be worth 30 billion euros2 and accounts for almost 25% of the pharmaceutical industry’s R&D investments³, but with mixed results to date. Our exclusive Nanocyclix® technology makes it possible to design a new generation of kinase inhibitors that are more potent and more targeted, in order to limit side effects for patients, and are aimed at new therapeutic targets thus far unexplored.
Thanks to their tremendous potential, our molecules are already the subject of 3 partnerships with some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies: Sanofi, Ipsen and UCB. All in all, these partnerships could bring up to € 350 million for ONCODESIGN in potential payments, excluding royalties, as milestones are attained.
Thanks to the trust you have placed in us, a new page has been turned and ONCODESIGN has entered into a new phase. We will accelerate the development of our new kinase inhibitors and our service activities.
Rest assured that you can rely on my total commitment and the substantial motivation of our 95 employees to achieve new therapeutic solutions for thousands of patients for whom there is currently no effective treatment.
Thank you for your support and trust,
Philippe Genne
Founder, Chairman and CEO


[1] Organism-regulating enzymes whose malfunction or imbalance is responsible for over 400 illnesses, including numerous types of cancer.

[2] Estimated 2016 kinase inhibitor market (source: BCC Research 2012)

[3] Source: The Druggable Genome (A.L. Hopkins and C.R. Groom, Nature Reviews Drug Discovery, Vol. 1, 727-730), Global Industry Analysts 2012