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Oncodesign technological platforms are build-up in oncology drug pharmacology:

  • PREDICT®: conventional in vitro and in vivo pharmacology: ADMET, toxicology, combinations, PK/PD, xenograft, syngeneic models
  • Chi-Mice®: development of in vivo chimeric experimental models - patient-derived xenografts and humanized mice, new disease relevant models for in house or outsourced preclinical evaluation
  • Pharm’Image®: a multi-modal, non-invasive pharmaco-imaging platform - MRI, CT, SPECT, PET, preclinical and clinical Phase 0 for imaging biomarker development


Technological platforms  On the basis of these three technological platforms combined with a pharmacology-based qualifying approach (in vivo exploration and optimization of the therapeutic potential of individual molecules), we are able to offer our clients a flexible, rapid and reliable preclinical evaluation solution to identify and select the most effective anticancer drug for clinical use.

Oncodesign has incorporated a medicinal chemistry technology into its discovery activity :


  • Nanocyclix® is dedicated to the synthesis and optimization of new compounds used for therapeutic and diagnostic purposes. Nanocyclix® technology is currently applied to the synthesis of highly potent and specific novel kinase inhibitors.


The combination of these four technological platforms enables Oncodesign to offer its partners an efficient drug positioning platform, from bench to bedside, in a risk-sharing approach between partners.

PREDICT® Pharmacology

The PREDICT® platform is dedicated to conventional pharmacology.

Chi-Mice® in vivo models

Humanized models for the selection of efficient anticancer therapies: reconstituted human immune system in mice, Patient-Derived Xenografts

Pharmimage® Pharmaco-Imaging

Why use pharmaco-imaging in preclinical drug development? ...

Nanocyclix® Medicinal Chemistry

Oncodesign's proprietary medicinal chemistry technology for Drug and Biomarker Discovery Programs.