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PREDICT® Pharmacology

The PREDICT® platform is dedicated to conventional pharmacology. It centralizes the whole range of skills, assays and databases to conduct complete pharmacological characterization of anti-cancer drugs and to provide proof of concept of the efficacy of your lead compounds.


PREDICT Pharmacology


A large panel of techniques are routinely used, such as preclinical formulation,  automated in vitro cytotoxicity screening, cytometry, molecular biology, angiogenesis assays, drug formulation, SPF animal care, histopathology and immunohistochemistry, long term in vivo infusion, microsurgery, analytical chemistry for PK, biodistribution and metabolism of compounds, imaging of drug efficacy, dedicated software for in vivo study management (Vivo manager®), ...
All our assays are standardized with reference drugs and positive controls for quality controls.


In vitro and in vivo Products & Services:

  • Tumor sample collection for target expression validation (histology, immunohistochemistry, molecular biology...)
  • Target identification and validation (siRNA, molecular biology...).
  • Drug cytotoxicity, apoptosis, inhibition of proliferation and angiogenesis assessment (automated assays)
  • Drug mechanism of action determination by molecular analyses (cytometry, molecular biology…)
  • 3D ex vivo drug efficacy
  • Evaluation of drug efficacy and resistance with xenogeneic, syngeneic and transgenic tumor models
  • Drug biodistribution, pharmacokinetic & pharmacodynamic studies
  • Drug metabolism studies
  • Drug combination study
  • Evaluation of CDC and ADCC drug effects
  • Immuno Oncology drug evaluation
Oncodesign's PREDICT platform is integrated with the use of a large collection of experimental models, including Chi-Mice® in vivo humanized chimeric models, as well as preclinical imaging on the Pharmimage platform.