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RICT 2017 - Identification of potent ALK2 inhibitors as potential treatment for stone man syndrome

Oncodesign, (France), Molecular Cell Biology Departement (The Netherlands), SGC University of Oxford (United Kingdom)

ISRS 2017 - Radiosynthesis of the first [18F]-Nanocyclix® TKI-PET radiotracer targeting activated EGFR positive lung tumors

U930, CERRP - Tours, France, Pharmimage - Dijon, France, Laboratoires Cyclopharma - Saint Beauzire, France, Oncodesign - Dijon, France, Tours Hospital - Tours, France

AACR 2017 - Preclinical proof of concept for the first [18F]-Nanocyclix®TKI-PET radiotracer targeting activated EGFR positive lung tumors

Oncodesign, Dijon, Pharmimage, Dijon, Unité INSERM 930, Tours, CERRP, Tours, Cyclopharma Laboratories, Saint-Beauzire, CEA, I2BM, LDM-TEP, Caen (France)

AACR 2017 - IMODI initiative : a novel holistic and integrative approach with patient-derived tumor models against pancreatic cancer

Ariana Pharmaceuticals, Paris; Biofortis, Saint-Herblain; CTI-BIOTECH, Meyzieu;Modul-Bio, Marseille; Oncodesign, Dijon ; OncoMedics, Limoges; Ipsen Innovation, Les Ulis; Pierre Fabre Research Institut, St-Julien-en-Genevois; Sanofi, Vitry-sur-Seine; Centre Léon Bérard, Lyon; INSERM U1068, Marseille; Synergie Lyon Cancer, Lyon; CIPREVO, Antony (France)