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Our vision : To identify the path to your innovation, in harmony with life

Philippe Genne, Founder and CEO of Oncodesign

Philippe Genne - Chairman and CEO

"Life is constantly adapting to new conditions. It innovates to keep going. We put our intelligence and expertise at your service to guide you towards success."

Oncodesign, a pioneer in translational research

Oncodesign is a driver of therapeutic innovation and its mission is to discover effective therapies for the benefit of patients with cancer and other diseases without a therapeutic solution. Patients are at the heart of our process and innovation model.

For more than twenty-five years, we have been pioneers in translational research, working to establish a technological continuum from the therapeutic target to the patient in order to qualify the potential efficacy of new treatments.

Naturally, we have become experts over time in precision medicine: to be effective, you need to know your target.

In 2009, we started naturally by targeting kinases, a family of enzymes that are key for cellular homeostasis and whose disruption is the cause of many diseases. Using our technology, several Drug Discovery programs have been launched, either in partnership or by ourselves.

We are currently working to identify subpopulations of treatment-resistant or unresponsive patients by training mathematical algorithms that can identify these patients based on their clinical and biological data. This multidisciplinary approach lets us select new targets to beat resistant cancers. We will search for the most effective therapeutic strategies based on the identified targets.

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A committed and connected company in a rapidly changing environment

Oncodesign feels a connection to our planet – we are respectful of life and free in our choices. The leaders of tomorrow will be the companies that anticipate societal needs related to human development: health is first and foremost a basic need, before being a market. Our responsibility is to act in accordance with our principles, so that our economic development benefits as many different people as possible.

At Oncodesign, we have a collaborative culture, and we defend the idea of a world where the economy is at the service of knowledge and progress, which themselves are at the service of society and the planet. Life is by definition intelligent – it adapts to its environment to ensure that it develops in harmony. At Oncodesign, we aim to give meaning to our commitment to health.

Based on our purpose, our path, we have built our offer of value as follows: “To identify the path to your innovation, in harmony with life.”

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Our mission: To discover new innovative therapies that are effective against cancers and serious diseases with no known treatment.

Oncodesign is a biopharmaceutical company specialized in precision medicine that addresses innovation gaps in the healthcare industry.

Since its creation in 1995, Oncodesign has been committed to its mission of discovering effective therapies for patients with diseases without a therapeutic solution. In particular, we deal with congenital and acquired therapeutic resistance, which is the cause of many treatment failures in Oncology.

Alongside the largest pharmaceutical companies, biotechs, public research institutions and investment groups, Oncodesign leads research and development for new therapeutic and diagnostic tools; whether as a service, partner or license provider, Oncodesign can meet all needs in innovation.

Listed on Euronext Growth Paris, Oncodesign relies on a stable shareholder base, committed to its development.

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