Artificial intelligence, a source of therapeutic innovation and growth

For Oncodesign, artificial intelligence (AI) is not a goal, but rather a powerful technology to make drug discovery faster and more reliable.

AI is the technological pillar chosen by Oncodesign to generate its innovation and support its growth over the next 5 to 10 years. We are committed to bringing therapeutic innovation to patients at an ever faster pace.

The main objective of the Artificial Intelligence Business Unit is to develop a platform to identify and validate therapeutic targets. The therapeutic target is the cornerstone of Drug Discovery programs in Precision Medicine. This platform, created within Oncodesign, is strategic in order to fulfill its goals.

Our OncoSNIPER technology module using artificial intelligence

Our OncoSNIPER technology module

This technology platform was designed to identify signatures that can stratify populations of patients refractory to anticancer drugs. These signatures are then translated into therapeutic targets by biologists in our laboratories.

Our internal databases


the missing link between the drug and the patient


a program to stratify and characterize patient populations refractory to cancer treatments.

Our collaborations

Labcom Artificial Intelligence in Drug Discovery for Health (AIDD4H)

A joint laboratory, the AIDD4H "LabCom", is run in collaboration with the CIAD [French Distributed Knowledge and Artificial Intelligence laboratory] for an alliance of connectionist and symbolic AI technologies.

Open innovation campus: FederAIdd

Oncodesign selected the best AI technologies and chose to work in collaboration with the best experts from other professions in the drug discovery process by creating the FederAIdd Open Campus.

Oncodesign artificial intelligence

Our commercial offers

Deploy AI technologies to advance your discoveries: Oncodesign supports you through our Services, partnerships or licensing offers.

A team of highly qualified experts

Our AI BU team is made up of highly qualified scientists with all the different expertise needed to mobilize artificial intelligence at every stage of the drug discovery process.Our activities rely on a team of data scientists, bioinformaticians, mathematicians, data hunter et architects, statisticians, biologists, pharmacologists, chemists,supported by the Oncodesign IT department to run a high-performance and secure storage and calculation infrastructure.

What gives this organization its strength is its robust connection on the ground with the experts present in Oncodesign’s Service and Biotech Business Units.


Artificial Intelligence Conferences | Oncodesign

Places to meet and engage conversation with our experts in AI and Drug Discovery

Come back regularly to check if there is a meeting nearby your place to meet one of our experts in both AI & Drug Discovery.


OncoSNIPE® Study Protocol, a study of molecular profiles associated with development of resistance in solid cancer patients

Early/ late resistance marker; Immunological profile; NGS; Non small-cell lung cancer; Pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma; Triple negative breast or Luminal Breast Cancer.

EHDEN - The European Health Data & Evidence Network - Oncodesign

Oncodesign: EHDEN Certified SME

EHDEN network will enable transparent & fully reproducible research by standardizing both the health data & the analytical pipeline.