Discover new therapeutic targets and biomarkers with OncoSNIPER

The OncoSNIPER technology module brings together the scientific and technological skills that are essential to discover new therapeutic targets and their related biomarkers – this is the main purpose of our strategic Study activity. The module was designed to identify signatures that can stratify populations of patients refractory to anticancer drugs. These signatures are then translated into therapeutic targets through biology in our laboratories.

The OncoSNIPER platform integrates public, private and proprietary data sources (from projects such as IMODI®, OncoSNIPE®, etc.) and uses various artificial intelligence technologies (machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, natural language processing, etc.). One of the algorithms of OncoSNIPER is even able to dig into the knowledge of our Drug Discovery experts, enabling a hybrid AI approach that combines the advantages of approaches based purely on data and expert system-type approaches.

OncoSNIPER also benefits from Oncodesign’s experimental capabilities, which lets us generate ad hoc data and validate any results identified in silico. Oncodesign identifies and then selects targets based on an in silico scoring process and experiments.

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OncoSNIPER allows us to develop partnerships to discover new targets and biomarkers and to conclude licensing agreements on pre-identified therapeutic targets with pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies.

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