Commercial offers to facilitate access to Artificial Intelligence

3 ways to collaborate to facilitate access to Artificial Intelligence


  • Portfolio  of new validated therapeutic targets
  • Therapeutic compounds specific to our targets
  • Biomarkers/diagnostic companions


  • Data sharing
  • Identification & validation & of therapeutic and diagnostic targets via OncoSNIPER


  • Analysis of heterogeneous data: Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) sequencing (genomic and transcriptomic), statistics, imaging
  • Analysis and validation of your targets
  • AI model development on your projects
  • Explore: target identification and validation from your patient data (in silico and in vitro, IDDS)

Thanks to IRIS platform from Intersystems that we have access to, we can work securely on your data while ensuring interoperability.

As well as discovering new therapeutic targets, we also have the ability to continue the drug discovery process by following up with our commercial service offers, in particular DRIVE-IDDS (Small Molecule; Molecular RadioTherapy).

This support will also be provided along with our partners at the FederAIdd Campus and will speed up the process by deploying AI technology at each stage. The AI BU will liaise with our partners and remain your single point of contact up to the clinical phases.

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