Partnerships as an area of support for therapeutic programs

Oncodesign is committed to promoting the partnership at every stage of the drug discovery process, in order to support therapeutic programs and achieve quicker access for patients.

We have a long history of alliances with world-leading biotech and pharmaceutical companies, as well as academic teams and foundations. Our project management approach is based on the joint development of new programs, drawing on the complementary skills of our partners.

Our success lies in combining Nanocyclix® technology with a probe-based drug discovery approach to discover effective therapies for patients with diseases whose medical needs are not met. In essence, we have solutions in most therapeutic areas where kinases play a major role.

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  • You are a pharmaceutical or biotechnology company

    Our most advanced programs are available for partnerships with companies with strong complementary skills.
    Our Nanocyclix® platform provides probes – potent, highly specific kinase inhibitors. Promising probes have already been identified, covering a wide range of kinases; they have been optimized up to the drug candidate stage in internal programs or in partnerships.

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    In addition, there is a largely unexplored potential to discover new probes: we are looking for partners to develop new kinase inhibitors on your own target of interest up to the clinical stage.

    The diverse set of Nanocyclix probes can be deployed for phenotype-based screening, allowing hits to be identified, new targets to be discovered and new programs with high therapeutic potential to be initiated. We also have solid expertise in the development of new PET tracers from our selective probes.

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  • You are an academic institution

    Our selective and active molecules can be powerful tools for validating hypotheses in in vitro and ex vivo tests. Let’s see how your expertise matches our internal drug discovery research. Using this approach, we have launched a number of new first-in-class programs based on a synergy of mutual expertise.

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  • You are an investor

    Our growing portfolio offers a wide range of investment opportunities, from lead optimization to clinical development. The Nanocyclix platform is a unique asset that has the potential to generate several preclinical and clinical first-in-class and best-in-class candidates. Our predefined set of probes represents an opportunity to pass critical milestones within a timeframe compatible with the typical investment period.

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