Antitumor activity study of Vinflunine against a human small cell lung tumor xenografted in Nude rats

Authors: F Bichat, D France, O Duchamp, P Auvray, B Hill, M Vincenti, N Gyselinck, P Genne
Oncodesign; Centre de Recherche Pierre Fabre; Laboratoires Pierre Fabre Oncologie

Abstract: Vinflunine (VFL) is a novel fluorinated vinca-alkaloid derivative which has shown antitumor activity in experimental Nude mouse models. In order to develop an assay to test VFL in combination with other chemotherapeutic agents, we have studied the antitumor activity and the tolerance to VFL administered as 4 weekly IV injections (q7dx4) to Nude rats bearing subcutaneous (SC) NCI-H69 human lung tumors.

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