[Congress] Microbiome movement Drug Development Summit June 29 – July 1, 2021


The Microbiome Movement – Drug Development Summit is back for its sixth edition!
This conference aims to bring together experts from the biopharmaceutical industry to discover the functionality and mechanisms of the microbiome and thus advance the search for new therapeutic solutions through to clinical development.

4 axes on which the microbiome will be addressed during Microbiome movement Drug Development Summit.

  • Understanding Microbiome Function & Pre-Clinical Development
  • Clinical Translation & Manufacturing of Microbiome Therapeutics
  • Microbiome Biomarkers, Patient Stratification & Diagnostics
  • Understanding the causal role of the microbiome in the development of immune-based diseases (inflammatory bowel disease and immuno-oncology)

Oncodesign SERVICE will be present to accompany you in your reflection! Oncodesign SERVICE has experience in the preclinical evaluation of microbiome derived approaches and its influence in drug discovery.

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[TALK] Preclinical solutions for microbiome investigation in pathological situation and drug development

Save your date: Wednesday 30th June at 12pm US Eastern Time (6pm CEST)
This event is a great opportunity to establish new partnerships to accelerate development of your microbiome-based therapeutics; to sum up .

  • Listen to our expert talk about “preclinical solutions for microbiome investigation in pathological situation and drug development”
  • Discover our preclinical models/assays suitable for evaluating the protective effects against the pathology of interest.
  • Benefit from the study of the drug-microbiome interactions (drug bioavailability, bioactivity or toxicity)

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