[EN] Conquering sensitive CYPs, UGTs and transporters protein quantification with QTAP analysis

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Mouhssin Oufir, PhD, Head of DMPK & Bioanalytical Sciences Department
24 octobre 2019 – 17h

RT-PCR and Western blot were not able to detect the two following ABC transporters, hMDR1 (P-gp) and hBCRP, involved in active transport in the hBMEC (human Brain microvascular endothelial cell). Whereas QTAP approach was able to detect but not quantify P-gp and BCRP in the cell membrane preparation.

The DDI (Drug-Drug interactions) guidelines (FDA and EMA) both quote these two transporter proteins as being highly relevant in ADME studies. Thus, our results reveal a major limitation for the use of the hBMEC cell line as in vitro human BBB model for the screening of drug candidates.

Key learning objectives

  • Introduction to Quantitative Targeted Absolute Proteomics
  • Application of QTAP in research
  • Advantages of QTAP versus Western blot or other approaches
  • Case study

About our speaker Mouhssin Oufir

Dr. Mouhssin Oufir holds a MSc in protein engineering (1999) and a PhD in Biochemistry (2004). He was a bioanalytical responsible in CRP-Gabriel Lippmann in Luxembourg from 2004-2008. In 2008, Dr. Oufir joined SGS Life Science Services in Belgium as a GLP study director. He spent 9 years as bioanalytical and DMPK head within the Pharmazentrum in Switzerland before joining in May 2019 Oncodesign as Head of DMPK and Bioanalytical Sciences Department.
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