[EN] Establishing an Expert Network for Your Radiopharmaceutical Drug Development Program

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Preclinical and clinical evaluation of radiopharmaceuticals can be sometimes seen as straightforward compared to non-radioactive molecules as the injected doses are often below toxic doses. However, the development of theranostics requires highly specific expertise and strong collaboration between preclinical and clinical development. Therefore, the discovery and development process requires multiple and highly specialized skills, the combination of which are often nonexistent in a single structure, even more so in the specialized field of radiopharmaceuticals.

The DRIVE™-Molecular RadioTherapy (MRT) offer is based on the complementary knowledge and know-how of each partner (Covalab, CheMatech, ABX-CRO and Oncodesign) representing an experienced and innovative network in nuclear medicine. Thus, the four companies have built a joint value proposition in which the generation of radiolabeled biological vectors, chelator production, design of the bioconjugated lead, preclinical proof of concept and the design of the regulatory and clinical package are managed effectively and efficiently under one roof.

Key learning objectives

Join this webinar to learn about how the DRIVE-MRT solution enables the rationalization, design and optimization of targeted and effective radiopharmaceuticals against specific cancers, with a demonstration of preclinical proof of acceptable safety margins and a clinical support plan. 

About our speakers

Dr. Meddy El Alaoui, CSO, Covalab

Dr. Meddy El Alaoui is CSO at Covalab. He did his PhD in Biochemistry at the University of Lyon (France). Following this, he worked as a postdoc at Centre Léon Berard and the University of Cambridge (UK) on the development and validation of cross-linking technology on various antibody formats. In 2018, he joined Covalab to lead and develop the CovIsoLink® platform applied to antibody fragments. He is involved in several research programs for theranostic applications of antibodies in oncology.

Dr. Frederic Boschetti, CEO, CheMatech

Dr. Frédéric Boschetti is the CEO and founder of CheMatech. He obtained his PhD in Chemistry from the University of Burgundy, Dijon (France) in 2003. In 2005, he founded CheMatech, a company specialized in the production of chelating agents for nuclear medicine. He is involved in all research programs at the company and has high interest in chemistry, biochemistry and radiochemistry.

Dr. Cyril Berthet, Head of Pharmaco-Imaging and Molecular Radiotherapy Department, Oncodesign

Dr. Cyril Berthet is the head of the pharmaco-imaging and theranostic platform at Oncodesign. He holds a PhD in Molecular and Cellular Biology from the University of Lyon (France). In 2002, he joined the Mouse Cancer Genetics Program at the National Cancer Institute in Frederick (USA), as a research associate. In 2007, he joined Oncodesign as a project leader and managed strategic partnerships in biomarker and drug discovery. He is particularly involved in molecular radiotherapy research programs and the Pharmimage consortium.

Dr. Andreas Kluge, General Manager, ABX-CRO

Dr. Andreas Kluge has over 20 years of clinical research and development experience, including as founder, general manager and medical director for ABX-CRO, a full-service CRO for Phase I-III biological, radiopharmaceutical and anticancer trials based in Dresden, Germany. He is also founder and was founding CEO of ABX GmbH, one of the leading manufacturers of radiopharmaceutical precursors globally.

Dr. Andreas Kluge is also the founder, general manager and medical director for Therapeia, an early-stage development company in the field of neuro-oncology. He is also a co-founder of Telix Pharmaceuticals where he serves as chief medical advisor. Dr. Andreas Kluge has extensive experience in the practice of nuclear medicine and radiochemistry, molecular imaging and the clinical development of novel radionuclide-based products and devices. He is the author of numerous patents and publications in the field of nuclear medicine, neurology, infection and immunology. Dr. Andreas Kruge is a registered physician and holds a doctorate in Medicine from the Free University of Berlin.

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