[EN] How to assess the interplay between tumor, microbiota and therapies? A comprehensive platform to investigate bacteria as immuno-modulating vectors or agents.

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Sylvie Maubant, PhD
25 Juin – 17h CEST

A comprehensive platform to investigate bacteria as immuno-modulating vectors or agents.

Preclinical and clinical studies have shed light on the beneficial role of bacteria for cancer therapy. Indeed, these works have demonstrated that these microorganisms have properties that allow them to selectively colonize tumor tissue and that they could also be considered as predictive drug efficacy biomarkers. Based on these results, bacteria are now used 1) for delivering therapeutic proteins into tumor cells or antigens into body, 2) for shaping gut microbiota. Ultimately these approaches lead to the activation of an immune response against the tumor. Owing to our scientific and technological expertise at manipulating microbes, Oncodesign proposes tailor-made strategies to clients for investigating the efficacy of their bacteria-based treatments and/or the effect of their therapies on microbiota in vitro and in vivo.

Key learning objectives

  • Introduction to bacteria-mediated cancer therapy.
  • How can Oncodesign support your evaluation of bacterial therapies and/or the impact of your treatments on microbiota?
  • Case study examples

Discover our speaker Sylvie Maubant

Sylvie Maubant has more than 15 years of experience in preclinical research in oncology field.
She obtained a Ph.D in Biology, Medicine and Health from the University of Caen in France then she continued her career as a postdoctoral researcher at several institutes to work on projects related to the identification of new therapeutic targets, drug development and/or validation of therapeutic tools in collaboration with industry. In 2014, Sylvie joined Oncodesign in vivo department as a study director.
Since 2018, she has been mainly involved in bacteria-oriented programs for clients
Watch the webinar