[EN] Preclinical Models for Microbiome Research in Oncology and Inflammatory Diseases

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In collaboration with Taconic Biosciences

Even if the causality is not always established, a microbial imbalance or dysbiosis are being increasingly linked to several diseases, including gastrointestinal and dermal diseases, metabolic disorders, CNS pathologies and cancer. Furthermore, the microbiome has been shown to influence the efficacy of immunotherapy and chemotherapeutic agents and the metabolism of drugs. Based on preclinical and clinical studies, different strategies (e.g., fecal material, defined consortium, single strain) are adopted to modulate the composition of the microbiome and exploit its immunogenicity to treat diseases in first line treatment or to circumvent primary resistance to standard of care.

Owing to their scientific and technological expertise, Oncodesign and Taconic propose tailor-made strategies to clients for investigating the safety/efficacy of their microbiome-based therapeutics. This presentation will focus specifically on applications related to the use of pathogen-free and germ-free mice as preclinical models.

Key learning objectives

Learn how current in vivo preclinical models meet the needs of microbiome research and innovation while outlining their limitations and the challenges still to be overcome in this growing field.

About our speakers

Dr Sylvie Maubant, Head of Study & Research Unit – In Vivo Sciences Department, Oncodesign

Sylvie Maubant has more than 15 years of experience in preclinical research in the oncology field. She obtained a PhD in Biology, Medicine and Health from the University of Caen in France, and then she continued her career as a postdoctoral researcher at several institutes to work on projects related to identification of new therapeutic targets, drug development and/or validation of therapeutic tools in collaboration with industry partners. In 2014, Sylvie joined Oncodesign’s In Vivo Sciences Department as a study director. Since 2018, she has been mainly involved in bacteria-oriented programs for clients in different therapeutic areas. In 2021, she became the scientific referent for the company’s SOLO-microbiome offer.

Dr Ivan Gladwyn-Ng, Field Application Scientist, Taconic

Ivan is a Field Application Scientist at Taconic Biosciences who is passionate about accelerating advancements in human health by improving the application of in vivo models and care of animals in the drug discovery process. He possesses more than a decade of experience in utilising rodent models within many diverse fields of preclinical research with particular interest in the studies of infectious, neurological, and oncological diseases. He has multiple co-first and corresponding authorships and successful patent applications in Europe and USA.

Prior to joining Taconic as a Field Application Scientist, he completed his postdoctoral training at GIGA Institute (Liege, Belgium), Institut Pasteur (Paris, France), Harry Perkins Medical Institute (Perth, Australia). He obtained his Ph.D. from the Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute (Melbourne, Australia) and completed his undergraduate studies (B.Sc., Med.) with First-Class Honours (top student) at Monash University (Melbourne, Australia).

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