Find out how we built our logo!

Design thinking at first

Dynamic and in line with our DNA, it revolves around the central “O”the eye of the Lynx, Oncodesign’s vision and our ability to orient our research and that of our clients since 1995.

The lines of force created by the longest triangular shapes translate our dynamic, our momentum: on the way to success! Going in an upward diagonal from left to right.
They can also be understood as a compass: our ability to orient, to adjust our path to respond precisely to our challenges and those of our customers and partners.

Our dominant colors are blue and green.
Blue is the color most associated with science, technology and rationality and therefore by extension with innovation.
Green is the color that reflects growth and vitality.
With our colors, we share our values ​​with our employees, clients and partners: Vitality, Rationality, Integrity, Solidarity and Ingenuity.

Finally, our baseline “Vector of innovation” carries the DNA of Oncodesign: visionaries, we project ourselves into the future and trace the trajectory that leads to innovation, for the benefit of patients suffering from pathologies without therapeutic solutions.