Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Blood Volume and Vessel Size in a Homogeneously and a Heterogeneously Perfused Glioma Model in Rat Brain. The impact of the Tumor Blodd Volume Status on BCNU Treatment

Authors: Boudewijn Van Der Sanden, Olivier Duchamp, Laurent Lamalle, Nathalie Just, Zhour Housni, Nicolas Guilbaud, Philippe Genne, Chantal Rémy.
INSERM 594 ; Oncodesign

Abstract: A common treatment of malignant glioma, in addition to radiotherapy is the administration of carmustine (BCNU) as a chemotherapeutic drug.
In the present study, in vitro and in vivo investigations were performed for a panel of glioma models regarding their chemosensitivity to BCNU treatment.

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