Oncodesign announces its results for the first half of 2022

Oncodesign announces its results for the first half of 2022:

28% growth in Service turnover

Dijon, France, September 15, 2022, at 6:30pm – ONCODESIGN (ALONC – FR0011766229), a biopharmaceutical group specialising in precision medicine, announces its results for the first half of 2022.

  •  Group turnover of €16.8M, mainly driven by strong organic growth in the Service business unit with external turnover of €16.2M (+28%) and an order book of €17.8M (+14%)
  • Stable revenues and operating income at €19.3M (+5%)
  • Operating profit down to €1.8M due to the general increase in consumables linked to the global economic context, passed on by our subcontractors and suppliers (+€2M in costs, i.e. +23% of purchases consumed)
  • Inventory to be produced in Service of more than €21M and a cash position of €23M at 30 June 2022
  • Separation of the Service and Biotech/IA business lines and entry into exclusive negotiations with Elyan Partners for a majority stake in Oncodesign’s capital (Service) followed by a simplified tender offer
  • Net income is strongly impacted by provisions for exceptional expenses associated with the current transaction
  • Advancing our LRRK2 and RIPK2 programmes as planned for clinical entry of the inhibitors in 2022

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28% growth in Service turnover

About Oncodesign

 Oncodesign is a biopharmaceutical company dedicated to precision medicine, founded in 1995 by its current CEO and majority shareholder, and has been listed on Euronext Growth Market since April 2014. Its mission is the discovery of effective therapies to fight cancer and other diseases without therapeutic solutions. With its unique experience acquired by working with more than 1 000 clients, including the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, along with its unique technological platform combining Artificial Intelligence, state-of-the-art medicinal chemistry, pharmacology, regulated bioanalysis, medical imaging, Oncodesign is able to select new therapeutic targets, design and develop potential preclinical candidates through to clinical phases. Oncodesign has configured its organization to offer innovative services to its customers and to license its proprietary molecules. Applied to kinase inhibitors, which represent a market estimated at over $65 billion by 2027 and accounting for almost 25% of the pharmaceutical industry’s R&D expenditure, Oncodesign’s technology has already enabled the targeting of several promising molecules with substantial therapeutic potential, in oncology and elsewhere, along with partnerships with global pharmaceutical groups. Oncodesign is based in Dijon, France, in the heart of the town’s university and hospital hub, and within the Paris-Saclay cluster. Oncodesign has 233 employees within 3 Business Units (BU): Service, Biotech, Artificial Intelligence and subsidiaries in Canada and the USA.

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