Our brand Oncodesign

Our mission

Founded in 1995, Oncodesign’s mission is to discover effective therapies for the benefit of patients suffering from cancer or pathologies without therapeutic solutions. In particular, we address the phenomenon of intrinsic and acquired therapeutic resistance, which is the cause of many therapeutic failures.

Our Name

Our name comes from the combination of the words oncology and design. It expresses our therapeutic approach in precision medicine: characterize possible the pathology at the individual level as precisely as to define the most appropriate treatments for the benefit of the patient suffering from cancer.

Working alongside big pharma, biotech’s, public research institutions and investment groups, Oncodesign orientates the research and development of new therapeutic and diagnostic tools.
Oncodesign’s purpose is to fulfill the persistent gaps in therapeutic innovation.
Oncodesign develops innovative solutions based on new technologies and products. They are available to its customers and partners through service offering or licensing.

Oncodesign’s offering can meet the full range of innovation needs in oncology, inflammation and infectious disease.

We understand that the only way to build trust with our customers and partners is to offer unfailing scientific excellence and relevant solutions to their problems.

Since our foundation, we have made Einstein’s famous adage “To define is to solve” our own. This sentiment is instilled at every level of the company, as well as in our interactions with customers and partners in order to deliver the most effective solutions.

A continuum of drug discovery services to discover and assess your upcoming therapies.

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