Radiolabeled F(ab’)2-cetuximab for theranostic purposes in colorectal and skin tumor-bearing mice models


P.-S. Bellaye, M. Moreau, O. Raguin, A. Oudot, C. Bernhard, J.-M. Vrigneaud, L. Dumont, D. Vandroux, F. Denat, A. Cochet, F. Brunotte & B. Collin


This study aimed to investigate theranostic strategies in colorectal and skin cancer based on fragments of cetuximab, an anti-EGFR mAb, labeled with radionuclide with imaging and therapeutic properties, 111In and 177Lu, respectively.

Ref: Clinical and Translational Oncology volume 20, pages 1557–1570 (2018)

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