Single, low dose treatment of lymphoma and renal cancer xenografts with human anti-CD70 antibody-toxin conjugates, results in long term cures

Authors: Jonathan A. Terret, Sanjeev Gangwar, Chetana Rao-Naik, Chin Pan, Vincent Guer/avais, Mary Huber, Colin Chang, Lynae Green, Pina Cardarelli, David King, Shrikant Deshpande, Vangipuram Rangan, Marco Coccia, Lisheng Lu, David Passmore, Diann Blansett, Rory Dai, Bilai Sufi, Qian Zhang, Liang Chen, Carol Soderberg, Eilene Kwok, Killian Horgan, Orville Cortez, Peter Sattari, Mahan Srinivisan, Francis Bichat·, Jean-Francois Mirjolet
Medarex, Inc., Oncodesign

CD70 is highly expressed in multiple tumor types including many lymphomas and clear cell renal carcinomas. The expression in lymphomas is not surprising given the role of CD70 in 8 and T cell activation.

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