Oncodesign ensures business continuity during the COVID-19 pandemic

Coronavirus Updates

In the current context of the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic, we wanted to inform you of the measures taken by the company to ensure the continuity of its business.

Oncodesign activated its "Pandemic Crisis Management Plan" on March 12, 2020 which covers the whole company, our laboratories, quality services, IT infrastructure, human resources and logistics in order to guarantee the implementation of our services, in compliance with any additional instructions that the health authorities may decide.

Preventive measures have already been implemented to protect our employees and to adapt work organization.

- For each project, the project teams have identified the Project Manager, Study Directors and their Back-up collaborators. A regular duty period update will be carried out on a weekly basis or even more often if necessary.

- Our IT systems are designed to sustain a remote workforce.

- For our work-from-home situation people, we have suspended all travels to headquarter and encourage the use of virtual conferencing solutions for internal meetings since last Friday.

- Web or video-conferences are to be set-up instead of physical meetings, in particular with our customers.

We have set up an internal surveillance body to update this plan on a daily basis. This is done in relation with Human Resources, Executive Management and in collaboration with department Managers according to the evolution of official recommendations from Governments or Health Agencies.

Your communication with the teams will continue as usual (phone and email).

We will keep you regularly informed of the progress of your current and upcoming projects.

We exert our efforts to ensure the follow-up of your projects and rely on your understanding of human risks in the current situation that are beyond our control.

In all cases, Oncodesign’s switchboard remains available (+33 (0)380 788 260) for EMERGENCIES.

We need to act as one to face this unique situation, we express all our support to get through this ordeal with courage and responsibility.

"Sometimes, you just need to be apart to be together" Robert Sabatier (French author)

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