[Congress] [EN] Bio Spring Europe, 22-25 Mars 2021

Oncodesign BU Services and Oncodesign BU Biotech will be present at BIO SPRING Europe 2021. Find your innovative & scientific solution provider or partner!

•Oncodesign BU Service is an innovation-based solutions and expertise provider in Drug Discovery in Oncology, Immuno-oncology, Infectious Diseases (Covid-19) and Inflammatory Diseases.
•Oncodesign BU Biotech is a clinical-stage drug discovery Business Unit that capitalizes on its next-generation kinase inhibitor technology called Nanocyclix® consisting of highly potent and selective small macrocycles to tackle novel and untractable kinases of interest.

Oncodesign Service – DRIVE-IDDS™ premium and integrated offering from Hit Finding to IND filing

This offering encloses multiple innovative hit-finding/screening capabilities, medicinal chemistry, computational chemistry, in vitro biology, ADME / DMPK, in vivo pharmacology, pharmaco-imaging/theranostic and safety assessment all applied in one-stop shop to drug discovery programs in oncology, immuno-oncology, auto-immune/ inflammatory diseases.

DRIVE-SM is our integrated discovery engine for small molecule discovery and development – from Hit Finding to IND filing – in oncology and inflammatory diseases. Access to our multiple innovative hit-finding solutions, computational and medicinal chemistry, in vitro biology, ADME / DMPK, in vivo pharmacology and pharmaco-imaging expertise and capabilities all in one-stop shop.

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DRIVE-STRT is our new platform to enable the generation of novel systemic targeted radiotherapeutics in clinical oncology.

Oncodesign and its strategic partners are applying their expertise in the rationalization, in the design, and in the optimization of targeted radiopharmaceutical agents effective against specific cancers, with demonstration of preclinical proof of concept and safety margins, from the preclinical to the early clinical stages of your project.

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Oncodesign Biotech – Value creation through innovative technology Nanocyclix®

Using its Nanocyclix® technology, Oncodesign identifies small macrocyclic molecules capable of inhibiting both unexplored and intractable kinases in a powerful and targeted manner. The approach is « Probe based » rather than « Target based », meaning that potent and selective kinase inhibitor « Probes » are directly generated using the macrocyclic chemistry platform. These probes allow to identify accessible kinases using  a broad profiling approach and are used for early cellular Proof of Concept of the kinase(s) of interest in specific disease indications.

A large variety of kinase inhibitors are thus explored continuously, and the most promising inhibitor/targeted kinase combinations are selected for more in depth investigations.

Oncodesign has built a project portfolio with strong potential to treat diseases with high unmet medical needs. This portfolio contains both molecules already at an advanced stage of clinical development (a PET tracer for a specific type of lung cancer) and molecules at an earlier stage of development.

Recent successes include strong advancement on LRRK2 inhibitors for Parkinson disease – a notoriously difficult kinase (in partnership with Servier), and the selection of a first in class candidate drug against the novel kinase RIPK2, a promising target in immuno-inflammation and auto-immune diseases. The latter is subject to ongoing partnering discussions and is advancing on its route towards IND in 2021

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