The most relevant humanized models to select your drug candidates

Oncodesign’s Chi-Mice® technology dedicated to the development of humanized preclinical models.

This is the best tool you can use to evaluate new therapeutic approaches in conditions that are as close as possible to a clinical situation:

  • More than 250 patient-derived xenografts (PDX) accessible in a database, including their pharmacological, histological, genome, molecular and clinical profile
  • Mouse models with humanized tissues from human stem cells: human immune system, human liver, human epithelial cells, human fibroblasts, human skin graft, microbiota
  • Transgenic models
  • Full knowledge of a wide range of mouse strains: NSG, BRGS, NSG-SGM3, NOG, nude, SCID, immunocompetent, etc., as well as nude and immunocompetent rats
  • Biobank of samples: histological slides, serum from tumor-carrying mouse models, RNA and DNA extracts, cell lines derived from in vivo models, tumor stem cells and healthy tissues, patient clinical data

Take advantage of humanized preclinical models


Chi-mice® perspectives

This technology is based on an international network of researchers and clinicians and the collection of biological samples from either healthy volunteers or willing patients, including for rare diseases, in compliance with ethical regulations.

Chi-Mice® is continuing to expand via developments within the IMODI personalized medicine unit.

For more information, see the catalog of IMODI PDX models 

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