Selecting the best drug candidates

The best drug candidates with PREDICT®

Select the best drug candidates and their biomarkers using our expertise in pharmacology!

The PREDICT® technology module is a centralized manifestation of the key scientific competence of our Experimentation activity. This module is the result of more than 20 years of investment and experience that are the cornerstone of Oncodesign’s international reputation. In PREDICT® , you have access to perfect knowledge of reference models in immuno-oncology, inflammatory skin, lung, liver, renal and autoimmune diseases, as well as models of metabolic disorders and obesity.

Select drug candidates for your project

Predict technology to select the best drug candidate

Characterize your therapeutic molecules

PREDICT® is the guarantee of selecting the best drug candidates thanks to a rich range of skills, tests and databases for complete pharmacological and immunological characterization of your therapeutic molecules:

  • In vivo target validation: transgenic models,
  • Determination of the mechanism of action of a therapeutic molecule,enzymology, selectivity studies, structure-activity relationship (SAR), PK/PD, immuno-monitoring, ADME profile, in vitro, ex vivo and in vivopharmacology, combination therapy: parenteral, oral, inhalation or dermal administration,
  • Early evaluation of translational biomarkers in human tissues,for preclinical and clinical studies, regulatory bioanalyses and biobanking,
  • Relevant mouse and primate models representative of the human disease being investigated in a wide range of acute, subchronic and chronic therapeutic areas,
  • Investigation of the potential for new therapeutic indications or repositioning of a drug candidate in preclinical or clinical settings.

Use PREDICT® technology

All our analysis are standardized and use reference drugs and positive controls for quality control. We have acquired experience in evaluating drug candidates of very different natures and mechanisms of action: small molecules, antibodies, antibody derivatives, peptides and proteins, gene and cell therapies, vaccines, etc. within BSL2 and BSL3 animal facilities, and the IDMIT primate model platform for infectious diseases.

Oncodesign is constantly investing to develop new, relevant and innovative disease models. These developments can be carried out in partnership with our customers.

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