Integrated Drug Discovery Services

Explore the advantages of an integrated program for an accelerated streamlined discovery and development experience with multi-disciplinary teams serving:


Oncodesign has  over 25 years of experience in drug discovery and drug development with a strong expertise in oncology, immunology and inflammation. Our mission is to discover effective therapies for the benefit of patients with cancer and other diseases with unmet needs.

Our services cover the entire drug discovery journey from early phase with hit finding, hit-to-lead, lead optimization to IND enabling studies.

4 benefits why Oncodesign is your ideal partner:


  • Generating robust biological data to validate results from in silico models
  • Speed and reactivity of integrated and experienced teams
  • Very flexible services and business models
  • Extension of your R&D resources with intellectual bandwidth experienced in chemistry, biology, pharmacology, DMPK and associated with a solid expertise in drug discovery and development.
Oncodesign Your Ideal Partner in Drug Discovery

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Why integrated drug discovery is the better strategy

Our multi-disciplinary team collaborates with you to design a tailor-made screening cascade for each program incorporating medicinal chemistry with in vitro assays to confirm activity, in vitro ADME to establish the developability potential of the entity, followed by in vivo validation.

We have real-world experience to provide truly agile and flexible services to support large, multi-target programs across the following therapeutic areas: oncology, immuno-oncology and inflammation.

Oncodesign will work closely with you to define the Target Product Profile against potential clinical developability for specific indications. Together, we will draw up candidate drug target profile, highlighting critical paths and criteria for an aggressive plan in order to align with your stakeholders’ milestones.


Typical sceening cascade in an integrated drug discovery program at Oncodesign

The typical screening cascade in an integrated drug discovery program


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We can support your program with our dedicated teams complemented by the latest technology via our stand-alone SOLO offers (POC Oncology, POC Inflammation, Pharmaco-Imaging, COVID-19, Microbiome, DMPK), or depending of your needs with our integrated services: DRIVE SM, DRIVE MRT or INPACT (Oncology, Inflammation).

Oncodesign is agnostic to indication and chemical series, however with areas of special strengths to serve the following therapeutic areas: oncology and immuno-oncology, inflammation, infectious diseases.

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