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Oncodesign is a biopharmaceutical company specialized in precision medicine that addresses innovation gaps in the healthcare industry.

Since its creation in 1995, Oncodesign has been committed to its mission of discovering effective therapies for patients with diseases without a therapeutic solution. In particular, we deal with congenital and acquired therapeutic resistance, which is the cause of many treatment failures in Oncology.

Alongside the largest pharmaceutical companies, biotechs, public research institutions and investment groups, Oncodesign leads research and development for new therapeutic and diagnostic tools; whether as a service, partner or license provider, Oncodesign can meet all needs in innovation.

Listed on Euronext Growth Paris, Oncodesign relies on a stable shareholder base, committed to its development.

Oncodesign is based in Dijon, France, in the heart of the town’s university and hospital hub, and within the Paris-Saclay cluster, Oncodesign has 240 employees and subsidiaries in Canada and the USA.



Why join us?

Do you like challenges? Do you want to participate in the discovery of new effective therapies against cancer and rare diseases? Would you like to join a human-sized company recognized for its technological innovation in the service of progress in therapies?


The mission of the program director is to prepare, execute and validate the completion of the scientific and technical steps required for establishing an MRT (Molecular Radiotherapy) portfolio in Oncology. Our approaches will start from the phase of target identification and validation, research, maturation and development of the Hit to Lead MRT molecules until proof of concept in the clinical phase (2A / 2B). He/she is also responsible for advancing our PET RT (radiotracer) programs, that are based on our proprietary kinase focused technology Nanocyclix®.



Main role and responsibilities:


The program director:

  • Brings expertise in oncology
  • Proposes development axes and avenues for reflection in terms of new oncology programs
  • Participates in the reflection, definition and execution of the strategy for MRT
  • Guarantees the process of passing the milestone for MRT and RT
  • Ensures the technical, functional and financial management of MRT research and / or development projects in partnership and / or by our own
  • Ensures the management of the clinical development of Florepizol
  • Contributes to the promotion and financing of MRT projects
  • Contributes to the reflection, definition and execution of PET / radiotracer programs from Nanocyclix®


The program director covers following fields of responsibilities

  • Responsibilities are scientific, budgetary, on-time delivery and cost-effectiveness.
  • From a qualitative and / or quantitative market analysis, produce the appropriate elements to complete the technological and economic vision of the program (s).


Main activities

  • Definition of the objectives of the program (s)
  • Study and understand the challenges of the program (s) with Head of Biotech Business Unit
  • Determine the qualitative, quantitative and temporal objectives linked to the programs.
  • Write / validate protocols, specifications and precise functional and technical specifications.


  • Definition of the means of the program (s)
  • Analyze the means necessary for the successful achievement of these objectives and propose the budget
  • Identify the necessary resources and negotiate with third parties (service or external BU) the provision of resources and means to carry out the project.
  • Identify, qualify and negotiate with the partners and / or service providers required for the program.
  • Ensure the role of Program Leader of the program (s)
  • Ensure the efficiency of the distribution of responsibilities among the various external teams.
  • Set up, communicate and ensure the precise monitoring of the program schedule.
  • Facilitate regular points with all the partners and stakeholders: presentations on the progress of the program, monitoring of knowledge sharing, validation of progress …


  • Management / coordination of the program (s)
  • Lead steering committees with all the managers of the technical and / or business teams involved in the program.
  • Coordinate the activity of the various team managers / project managers acting in the program.
  • Ensure compliance with the program budget: forecast, reallocation, anticipation …
  • Ensure economic monitoring with the DAF: budget reporting, preparation and monitoring of financial and cash budgets



Who are you?


Oncodesign requires a program director who is thoughtful, dynamic and can partner with the broader organization to further build/enhance our MRT/RT capabilities.

This is a hands-on work environment where everyone is accountable, everyone is vested in a vision of excellence, and everyone actively takes part in the success of the business. Oncodesign supports a positive work environment comprised of engaged employees who feel appreciated, recognized and free to be creative.


Qualifications include:

  • PhD in radiochemistry or biochemistry completed by an MBA or similar training
  • Demonstrated professional experience in MRT / RT field either on scientific matter or/and on business matters
  • International background & strong skills in Oncology are mandatory


The successful candidate will exhibit the ability to work well under pressure to provide results in a short timeframe. Oncodesign is looking for a highly responsive, goal-oriented individual who will bring significant energy and drive to solve complex technical problems and help us achieve our mission to advance human health.


If you are interested, send us your application: tbilloue@oncodesign.com




Permanent contract



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