DRIVE-IDDSTM, an integrated drug discovery solution: a complete continuum from target to clinical candidate

DRIVE-IDDSTM, a premium integrated offer for the whole drug discovery process

Discovering new drugs and therapeutic solutions is becoming increasingly hard, as candidates and tests are sought ever faster while clinical losses must be reduced.
The discovery process requires multiple and highly specialized skills, the combination of which is rare to find in a single structure.

DRIVE-IDDSTM, a premium integrated offer comprised of highly specialized experts providing access to innovative technology platforms covering the entire drug discovery process.

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Logo DRIVE-IDDS , integrated drug discovery services from hit finding to IND

DRIVE-IDDSTM is a complete continuum of discovery, from target to clinical candidate, for:

  • new chemical entitiesDRIVE-Small Molecule
  • Targeted radiopharmaceutical products DRIVE-MRT
a small molecule in the active site, integrated drug discovery services

DRIVE-Small Molecule brings together the right skills, expertise and discovery platforms to design and deliver new clinical chemical entities in therapeutic areas such as oncology, immuno-oncology, and immuno-inflammation

  • DRIVE-Small Molecule, a way to drastically speed up your new chemical entities, developed with our strategic partners, HitGen, 2Bind, Icaria et Iktos.

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DRIVE-Molecular RadioTherapy  encompasses all the skills, experience and technological platforms needed to generate new targeted radiopharmaceutical products in clinical oncology.

  • Oncodesign and its strategic partners Covalab, CheMatech and ABX-CRO mobilize all their expertise to streamline, design and optimize targeted and effective radiopharmaceutical agents against specific cancers, to demonstrate the preclinical proof of concept, safety margin and guidance for a clinical development path.

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radiopharmaceutical agent for molecular radiotherapy

The advantages of the DRIVE offer

  • An agile and flexible “one-stop shop” solution that works in stages from Hit to IND: a single Oncodesign point of contact coordinates your entire program
  • Agility, flexibility, and an ability to innovate
  • A collaborative culture rooted in the company and its practices
  • The pharmaceutical culture, the quality and the expertise of a team of experienced and dedicated scientists to successfully complete your project.
  • An efficient and proactive transfer of information, data, and technologies between partners to save time between the different development phases of your project. An big bonus compared to collaboration methods involving several individual CROs.
  • A unique project management model with trusted partners and a reduced administrative burden thanksto the integrated model.
  • Personal project management tailored to your needs and challenges. . Regular discussions and exchanges through project meetings and steering committees so you can make your decisions within the given deadlines.

For Oncodesign, the key is to succeed together.