INPACT PoC Inflammation

Proof of concept in preclinical pharmacology in inflammation

Integrated preclinical pharmacology services from hit finding to IND

Establishing proof of concept in preclinical pharmacology is a critical step in the drug discovery process. INPACT is an integrated service in preclinical pharmacology that combines in vitro biology, in vivo validation, pharmaco-imaging and DMPK capabilities to support your therapeutic discovery and innovation programs.



Inflammation and Autoimmune Diseases

Inflammation is the complex biological response to harmful stimuli. In humans, inflammatory diseases can manifest as a result of injury, allergy, metabolic disturbance, age or as autoimmune disorders resulting from abnormal gene expression or gene mutations. Patients often have chronic recurrence and suffer related symptoms cascading from complex inflammatory mechanisms of action.

The design of therapeutic interventions is enabled by human in vitro or ex vivo assay screens followed by pharmacology studies in animal models of disease to confirm drug delivery and efficacy.

Therapeutic approaches for chronic diseases require a high level of scrutiny for safety and metabolic clearance. Best practices in therapy development for inflammatory and autoimmune diseases recommend including DMPK characterization early in the development cycle.

Oncodesign is able to offer in vitro screening, ex vivo screening, in vivo validation and DMPK characterization as an integrated package, delivering rapid cycle times for candidate selection.


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Typical screening cascade in PoC Oncology - Oncodesign

INPACT PoC Inflammation: in a few words

Since 1995, Oncodesign has built discovery and preclinical expertise in precision medicine that is now available as contract (CRO) services to sponsors in the global biopharma industry. Our experience can help you translate your mechanism of action into a clinical drug.

INPACT PoC Inflammation is an integrated preclinical pharmacology package to speed your selected drug candidate to the clinic. Elements of service include:

  • In vitro screening
  • Ex vivo screening
  • Early ADME
  • In vivo DMPK
  • Bioanalytical development
  • In vivo validation
  • Pharmaco-imaging
  • Investigative safety
  • GLP toxicology available through partners

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ODS002, A case study of a kinase inhibitor in inflammation

Here is a typical example of an inhibitor of kinase ODS002 for the treatment of Inflammatory Bowel Diseases.

Your potential drug will follow a journey through biochemistry, cellular assay, ex vivo experiment, pharmacokinetics then target engagement to finally enter efficacy study.

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