INPACT PoC Oncology

Proof of concept in Oncology preclinical pharmacology​

INPACT is an integrated service in preclinical pharmacology to support you in establishing the proof of concept of your leads and drug candidates. We have a continuum of expertise from target identification, hit characterization, lead optimization, candidate selection to IND in oncology and immuno-oncology. ​



Typical screening cascade in PoC Oncology - Oncodesign

Since 1995, we have built an expertise in precision medicine that allows us to guide you with a solid knowledge and know-how in the determination of the Mechanism of Action (MoA) and the design of the best screening cascade for your application.​

​INPACT PoC Oncology is an integrated preclinical package customized to ascertain the therapeutic potential of your assets and bring your selected drug candidate faster to the clinic.​

​Each program follows multiple steps of preclinical development to determine the mechanism of action. A specific screening cascade is tailor-made to your pharmacology study:​

  • Target expression in order to identify the most effective therapeutic strategies​
  •  in vitro assays in pharmacology, to confirm activity and better understand the structural activity relationship (SAR) ​
  • early ADME, to establish developability potential of your entities​
  • in vivo validation to evaluate the dose effect and therapeutic index of your compounds. ​

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A full spectrum of expertise from in vitro investigation to in vivo validation

  • Target expression and hit identification

    Hit identification and selection phase represent a first critical step in drug discovery. The quality and properties of the hit series will delineate the chance of success at progressing into developable preclinical drug candidate.​

    Oncodesign has experience in target expression (tumor cells, PDX models, patient libraries). ​

    Concomitantly, we have the ability and expertise to run screening campaigns through multiple platforms including virtual, biochemical, cell and phenotypic based screening with medium-throughput capabilities.​

    Learn more about our capabilities in hit identification

  • In vitro assay development

    In vitro assays drive drug discovery from the exploratory phases to the clinical testing of drug candidates. ​

    We can support your program using fit-to-purpose assays suitable to determine the mechanism of action of your drug candidate or early translational research.

    Learn more about our capabilities in in vitro assay development

  • DMPK and safety assessment

    Our DMPK team will characterize the translational potential of your drug candidate with early ADME studies followed by the pharmacokinetic profile in rodents (including pathological models) and other animal species.​

    Thanks to specifically chosen partners, we can establish the safety pharmacology of your drug candidate in rodents and more advanced species. This will save precious time in the regulatory phase.​

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  • In vivo models

    In vivo models are a key component of the drug discovery value chain. Testing in living organisms is still the only way to fully evaluate the efficacy, pharmacology, pharmacokinetic, safety and biomarkers of a potential drug candidate before conducting clinical studies in humans. ​​

    ​Oncodesign will help you in identifying the most appropriate in vivo pharmacology solution for your drug discovery program; be it an off-the-shelf standard protocol or developing read-outs for your specific requirements.​ ​

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Our expertise in oncology​

​INPACT PoC Oncology is based on the recognized quality and innovation introduced in our precision medicine technology modules, built over 25 years of experience. ​

With our dedicated and committed investment into the development of preclinical models, Oncodesign can support your drug discovery project from hit finding to clinical development. Our integrated approach with the biology, pharmacology, DMPK and toxicology teams will accelerate your research program.​

We provide an integrated approach to preclinical drug development through experienced, multidisciplinary teams and strategic partnerships.​

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