SOLO – DMPK – Bioanalysis

SOLO DMPK & Bioanalysis: from metabolism to regulated bioanalysis for your products

A complete offering to asses and characterize ADME-T (Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, Excretion, Toxicity properties), pharmacokinetics and regulatory bioanalytical support for chemical or biological entities.

From target to preclinical candidate selection …

Benefit from our experience in numerous preclinical candidate discovery projects in various therapeutic indications

  • Expert advice to guide the developability of new therapeutic molecule
  • Smart solutions designed for you:
    • Execution of ad-hoc in vitro ADME-T predictive studies and/or assessment of pharmacokinetics profiles, PK/PD interactions by different routes of administration
    • Integrated and optimized design of in vitro and in vivo assays with adapted decision trees from hit discovery to preclinical candidate selection and human dose prediction

… to regulated bioanalysis

Good laboratoires practices
SOLO-DMPK-Bioanalisys-regulated bioanalysis
  • Specialized support in regulatory bioanalysis from preclinical to clinical development of new chemical and biological entities
  • Recognized expertise and know-how in GLP analysis by tandem mass spectrometry, quantitative PCR, flow cytometry and immunoassays (Ligand binding assays & Immunogenicity).

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