SOLO – PoC Oncology

SOLO- PoC Oncology:
Proof-of-concept pharmacology for new approaches to cancer treatment

SOLO – PoC Oncology meets the growing demand for preclinical pharmacological evaluation of in vitro and in vivo proof of concept for innovative therapeutic approaches and products in Oncology and Immuno-oncology


Our expertise in Oncology

More than 25 years of preclinical experience in characterizing and qualifying the therapeutic potential of a wide variety of novel therapeutic approaches and modalities in Oncology – chemical entities, peptides, oligonucleotides, biological entities, gene and cell therapies, oncolytic viruses, vaccines and others, evaluated as single agents or in combination

SOLO PoC Oncology relies on the recognized quality and innovation introduced in our precision medicine technology modules :

  • TOT®: phenotypic tests, organoids of primary human tumors
  • Predict® – Oncology:2D and 3D in vitro models, in vivo models of ectopic and orthotopic
  • Chi-mice®: humanized in vivo models, PDX, transgenic mice
  • Pharmimage®: in vivo translational pharmaco-imaging

SOLO – PoC Oncology In vitro

SOLO – PoC Oncology in vivo