SOLO – Pharmaco-imaging

SOLO Pharmaco-imaging: Preclinical Translational imaging

Non-invasive preclinical imaging to monitor the target expression and in vivo target engagement, the biodistribution of compounds, the effect of therapeutic treatments, and for the assessment of radiopharmaceuticals and translational biomarkers in precision medicine.

  • Access to multimodal imaging equipment, adapted to rodents and non-human primates
    • Optical imaging
      bioluminescence, fluorescence
    • Functional imaging
      MRI, DCE-MRI
    • Nuclear imaging
      PET, SPECT,combined MRI/TEP
  • Radiolabeling of chemicals or biological molecules (peptides, antibodies or other entities) adapted to study their fate and effects.
  • A dedicated expertise to design and perform specific pharmaco-imaging studies for your preclinical research programs – in various therapeutic areas – using technologies identical to those used in clinical nuclear medicine.

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