SOLO – Pharmaco-imaging

SOLO Pharmaco-imaging: Imaging studies to support proof of concept in in vivo and in vitro pharmacology

SOLO Pharmaco-Imaging is a service offering from Oncodesign’s Pharmimage® technology module – a module which uses non-invasive preclinical imaging to monitor the expression and engagement of in vivo targets, the biodistribution of compounds, the effect of therapeutic treatments, their mechanism of action and pharmacodynamics. This module also serves to identify and define translational biomarkers for patient stratification and therapeutic response activity/efficacy in precision medicine.


Non-invasive techniques to complement biodistribution studies and biomarker assessment

Preclinical Imaging Services | Multimodal technologies to understand the pharmacology

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Our SOLO Pharmaco-Imaging service offering gives you access to multi-modal imaging capabilities, adapted to small rodents and primates:

  • Optical imaging: bioluminescence, fluorescence
  • Functional and molecular imaging: MRI, PET, SPECT, CT scanner, MRI/PET coupling.

You benefit from a range of methods of vectorized radiotherapy and radiolabeling of chemical or biological molecules (peptides, antibodies or others) tailored for the study of pharmacokinetics and mechanisms.

Pharmaco-Imaging Studies in Drug Discovery | Oncodesign

Our expertise in multi-modal pharmaco-imaging for your preclinical and clinical projects

We support you in the conception, design and implementation of preclinical translational pharmaco-imaging studies in your research programs, in diverse therapeutic indications and at different stages of discovery and development.

Our technologies are adapted to preclinical studies and are comparable to those used in clinical nuclear medicine.

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