Discovering new targets to overcome treatment resistance in Oncology

Identification of signatures to define therapeutic targets

The OncoSNIPER technology module is a concrete manifestation of the pivotal scientific competence of our “Study” activities. It was designed to identify signatures that can stratify populations of patients refractory to anticancer drugs. These signatures are then translated into therapeutic targets.

The OncoSNIPER platform integrates public, private and proprietary data sources (from projects such as IMODI, OncoSNIPE®, etc.) and uses various artificial intelligence technologies (machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, natural language processing, etc.). One of the algorithms of OncoSNIPER is even able to dig into the knowledge of our Drug Discovery experts, enabling a hybrid AI approach that combines the advantages of approaches based purely on data and expert system-type approaches. OncoSNIPER also benefits from Oncodesign’s experimental capabilities, which lets us generate data ad hoc and validate any results identified in silico.

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OncoSNIPER lets us offer new services, build new partnerships and enter into agreements on therapeutic targets with other pharmaceutical companies. Oncodesign relies, among other things, on this innovative technology module to develop its product portfolio.

Make the most of the OncoSNIPER Technology module