Oncodesign, a pioneer in precision medicine

A philosophy rooted in technological innovation

Since 1995, Oncodesign has been innovating to discover new therapies for cancers and diseases with no known treatment.

Scientific and commercial support for drug discovery


Integrated services in drug discovery | Service BU

State-of-the-art expertise available throughout the whole process, from hit finding to the IND, so you can discover and test your innovative therapies


Innovative technological approaches | Biotech BU

Innovative technologies and partnerships so your therapeutic programs can make progress


Artificial Intelligence tools | AI BU

Hybrid AI and Drug Discovery expertise for a faster and more reliable drug candidate search process

Abstract molecule model. Scientific research in molecular chemis

Homing : a preclinical co-development program for your molecule

Combined expertise to speed up your oncology and immuno-oncology research & development programs

Innovation model at Oncodesign

Our innovation technologies optimize your drug discovery programs to make them faster and more reliable

For more than 25 years, Oncodesign has been investing in precision medicine research technologies, which are essential from the very first stages of the Drug Discovery process. Our technology modules allow a continuum from molecule to patient, with the goal of discovering new treatments for patients with no therapeutic options.

Science within easy reach!

Science within easy reach!

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Our latest resources

Our latest resources


Oncodesign announces all the regulatory dates as far as financial information is concerned. Let's have a look :)

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Protection of RIPK2 inhibitors resulting from Nanocyclix® technology with patents granted on the main international markets: Europe, United States, Japan and Eurasia

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Oncodesign will be at the digital event Microbiome Movement Drug Development. Take the opportunity to learn more about SOLO Microbiome.

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