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Oncodesign Precision Medicine, vector of therapeutic innovation

There can be no innovative therapeutic products without an innovative technological platform

Oncodesign Precision Medicine (OPM) is the essence of the dream that led to the creation of Oncodesign SA in 1995. OPM is a biotechnology company specialising in precision medicine applied to the discovery of treatments for metastatic and resistant cancers. Thanks to the technologies available through Oncodesign Services (ODS) and OPM, we have access to technologies that allow us to select the best drug candidates, discover the most effective kinase inhibitors and theranostic tools, and select the most relevant therapeutic targets in oncology. OPM's innovative technologies include:

  • OncoSNIPER (selection of therapeutic targets for the treatment of resistant and metastatic cancers).
  • Nanocyclix® (design and selection of small chemical molecules specific to kinases).
  • PROMETHE (design and selection of radiolabelled biological molecules for systemic radiotherapy).
We have a significant portfolio of early-stage and therapeutic projects using Nanocyclix® and PROMETHE: OPM 201 (Parkinson's disease) in partnership with the Servier group, entering Phase 1 Healthy Volunteers trial in October 2022; OPM 101 (immune-mediated inflammatory disease), entering Phase 1 Healthy Volunteers clinical trial in December 2022; Florepizol (specific radiotracer for mutated EGFR targets), having passed Phase 1; and two projects in early partnership, recently started with TiumBio (pulmonary fibrosis) and SEngine (oncology). The company very recently signed a partnership with the aim of finding new therapeutic targets for the treatment of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma, based on its OncoSNIPER technology and using AI.  

In summary :

  • A CEO behind the creation and development of Oncodesign SA, listed on Euronext Growth between 1995 and 2022 (€45 million in revenue), and its transformation into two independent companies: ODS and OPM.
  • An experienced team that participated in the creation, development, and funding of the companies, the sale of ODS and demerger/listing of OPM.
  • Strong technological assets, well-known technologies, and interesting stages of maturity.
  • A first round of funding, covered by OPM Management and planned before the end of 2022, making it possible to achieve development stages that appeal to investors.
  • A first round of funding, covered by OPM Management and planned before the end of 2022, making it possible to achieve development stages that appeal to investors.
  • Good knowledge of the ecosystem, in terms of both technology and finances.

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Message from the Chairman

Oncodesign Precision Medicine (OPM) SA is a biopharmaceutical company, founded in Dijon, spin-off from Oncodesign SA and listed on Euronext Access + in October 2022. Its mission is to discover effective therapies to fight advanced and resistant cancers. (…)


A true entrepreneurial project and a rare occurrence in biotechnology, OPM’s capital is mainly held by its managers, including Dr. Philippe Genne, CEO and Founder of the company. The interests of management and shareholders remain perfectly aligned.

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