Oncodesign Precision Medicine

To find the best therapeutic path

OPM’s mission is to bring innovative therapeutic and diagnostic solutions to treat therapeutic resistance and metastasis evolution. The patient is at the centre of our reflexion, of our unique innovative model, and our investments.

For us, translational thinking is essential. Only if the patients needs are our prime focus, we can create value. Continuous exchange with patients, clinicians, service providers, experts and our internal teams and investors guides our direction. This dialogue drives our action to achieve shared goals for the benefit of all.

Oncodesign Precision Medicine

Our Science


Our Pipeline

Highly innovative programs covering first-in-class and best-in-class opportunities in several therapeutic areas


Our Technologies

Our technological innovation is the foundation of our precision medicine. It is at the heart of the OPM model, a biopharmaceutical company capable of generating knowledge about the patient, his pathology and making the choices of effective therapeutic solutions.