Working together in the name of precision medicine

Partnership opportunities to find the treatments of tomorrow together


OPM is a technology based clinical stage biopharmaceutical company.

Our technologies generate multiple opportunities for complementary partners. We partner with pharmaceutical companies, AI based companies, patient associations, academic experts and companies with complementary technologies to provide value to patients. Our prime focus is oncology, although our unique kinase inhibitor platform generates innovation in multiple disease indications. Shared value generation for patients is our “leitmotif”.


Our ongoing partnerships

  • Servier

    • Oncodesign started its LRRK2 program in 2011 based on the discovery of potent and selective Nanocyclix®inhibitors probes against LRRK2 , one of the most attractive targets in Parkinson research. Early validation of the potential of our inhibitors led to a 5-year collaboration with Ipsen, followed by a 1-year internalization of the program and a new partnership with Laboratoires Servier in March 2019. We jointly selected our candidate drug mid-2021, and got approval from the French regulatory instances mid 2022 to start clinical studies. Servier licensed the program at this stage and intends to start a Phase 1 study in healthy volunteers before the end of the year 2022.
    • In September 2022, OPM and Servier announced a strategic collaboration STarT to discover new therapeutic targets for pancreatic cancer treatment
  • TiumBio

    TiumBio is a South-Korean pharmaceutical company active in the field of fibrosis. They identified a kinase target-based approach to tackle both the inflammatory and fibrotic component of the disease as a next generation treatment. During an initial feasibility study with OPM, our Nanocyclix® technology delivered multiple lead series of compounds satisfying the criteria of TiumBio for further development and provided proof of concept for the initial hypothesis.

  • SEngine

    SEngine is a precision medicine company based in Seattle, Washington that harnesses 3D organoid technology and proprietary algorithms to provide more effective treatment options for cancer patients that have no remaining therapeutic solutions. This platform provides in addition great opportunities for accelerated drug development, as the patient biopsy derived organoids can be used for “clinical trials in a test tube”. SEngine has identified multiple kinase targets that might change the life of cancer patients without further therapeutic options. For one of these targets, OPM’s Nanocyclix® technology has generated potent and selective inhibitors. These compounds have shown strong activity in the organoids models, and are currently advanced to show efficacy in animal models.

  • Oncodesign Services

    Oncodesign Services (ODS) has a historical relationship leading to a privileged partnership with OPM. Its knowledge of Drug Discovery and its technological platforms make it a decisive added value for our success.

    A partnership agreement was signed with ODS  for an initial period of 5 years.

  • Labcom AIDD4H

    A joint laboratory in collaboration with the French ‘Connaissance et Intelligence Artificielle Distribuées’ (CIAD) laboratory – aims to integrate the know-how of our Drug Discovery experts into the very algorithms that support our technological platform OncoSNIPER to identify targets and to articulate our experimental validation process for new targets. There are many expected benefits: AI algorithms become more explainable, require less data, and yield more relevant results.


  • Campus FederAIDD

    A collaborative approach to applying AI to other segments of the Drug Discovery process. Click here to find out more.

Homing – helping to develop your molecule

As of 2024, OPM will be implementing an acceleration programme for your high-potential molecules. This programme allows the research project holder to transform its high-potential active compound into a promising therapeutic solution in oncology or immuno-oncology through a win-win risk sharing alliance.

Mobilising our extensive experience in the selection of effective drug candidates in oncology, OPM will select anti-cancer compounds meeting our efficacy criteria by carrying out a preclinical PoC as part of an acceleration programme. If this stage is successful, the compound will be able to continue its development until phase IIa, thanks to funding in exchange for an exclusive license for the development company.