FederAIDD Innovation Campus

Making the Drug Discovery process faster and more reliable, every step of the way


In collaboration with other industry actors and academics, Oncodesign Precision Medicine created and runs the FederAidd Open Innovation Campus to apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the whole Drug Discovery process. The campus brings together the best AI experts from pharmaceutical and technology companies, academic centres, and hospitals to make the entire Drug Discovery process faster and more reliable.

AI-powered Drug Discovery lends itself particularly well to collaborative innovation, as it requires a wide variety of skills, knowledge, and data. This international campus brings together industry actors and public partners in a single network to:

  • Facilitate like-mindedness, sharing, and cooperation between various actors
  • Build trust based on knowledge-sharing and ongoing interactions between stakeholders
  • Foster lasting, constructive, and balanced relationships between the various players in the field and the private or academic sector, and realise the full potential of collective intelligence
  • Make innovation activities more efficient, in order to share costs and reduce risks
  • Bring stakeholders together around scientific, technical, and regulatory expertise
  • Increase efficiency and speed, share technical and collaborative tools, and circulate data
  • Provide training for stakeholders, and promote business development