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Our mission is to bring innovative therapeutic and diagnostic solutions to treat therapeutic resistance and metastasis evolution. The patient is at the centre of our reflexion, of our unique innovative model, and our investments.

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OPM’s culture is based on sharing, mutual assistance, community, sociability, and, more generally, solidarity.

OPM is a biopharmaceutical company specialized in precision medicine.

On 1 July 2022, Oncodesign announced the spin-off and transfer of its Biotech activity including AI to Oncodesign Precision Medicine (OPM).

With its diversified portfolio of technologies, molecules, and therapeutic targets, OPM has well and truly established its ability to discover active molecules for use against resistant and advanced cancers.

An innovative platform for selecting new therapeutic targets has been developed based on data obtained from patients and through an innovative approach using artificial intelligence (AI).

Two candidate drugs derived from Nanocyclix® technology are expected to enter the clinical phase in 2022. The first programme, resulting from a partnership with the Servier group, will commence its clinical phase in October 2022. The other, which aims to treat chronic immune-mediated inflammatory diseases, is scheduled to enter the clinical phase in December 2022.

Theranostics (the combination of “therapy” and “diagnostics”) has led to the most remarkable therapeutic progress observed over the last ten years in the treatment of advanced cancers. OPM shares in the extensive experience acquired by Oncodesign SA over the last 20 years, notably through its Pharmimage technology platform. This therapeutic approach has served to broaden OPM’s portfolio of new products, thanks to new biological vectorisation technology and effective targeting of metastatic cells.

Life is constantly adapting to new conditions. It innovates to keep going. We use our intelligence to move towards success.

Our values are integral to our company’s soul, culture, and reputation. They are aimed at all our communities, and form a solid foundation on which our employees can rely in order to fulfil our mission.

Rational approach

Key figures

Strategic collaboration agreement for the research and development of new systemic radiotherapy agents with Navigo Proteins GmbH
Capital increase of around €2 million
IPO of OPM and capital increase
employees, of which 50% have PhDs
innovative technologies
molecules in clinic from 2023
patent family (RIPK2, LRRK2 and PET Tracer)

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Complementary capabilities to discover and development new drug candidates



Highly innovative programs covering first-in-class and best-in-class opportunities in several therapeutic areas



Our technological innovation is the foundation of our precision medicine. It is at the heart of the OPM model, a biopharmaceutical company capable of generating knowledge about the patient, his pathology and making the choices of effective therapeutic solutions.

Serving Precision Medicine since 1995

May 2024

Strategic collaboration agreement with Navigo Proteins GmbH

Oncodesign Precision Medicine and Navigo Proteins GmbH sign a strategic collaboration agreement for the research and development of new systemic radiotherapy agents


€5.6 million in public funding for DEMOCRITE program

OPM obtains €5.6 million in public funding for its DEMOCRITE program dedicated to the clinical development of OPM-101 DEMOCRITE Project: Demonstrating the efficiency of OPM-101 by targeting RIPK2 in Inflammatory Bowel Disease    


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