Our patient-centric innovation technologies

To find the best therapeutic path

In 2022, cancer remains the leading cause of death in France. Providing new, more effective treatments with acceptable tolerability is essential if we are to improve patient Today, targeted therapies are undergoing extraordinary advances, but they are still aimed at a minority of patients.



Backed by several innovative technologies, OPM aims to discover new targeted therapy molecules for cancers with unmet medical needs, including those that are resistant to existing therapies, and metastatic cancers, which are currently the main cause of cancer-related deaths.

Targeted therapies are developed in three key stages:

  • Identification of molecular targets that make it possible to block vital mechanisms with signifiant specificity for cancer cells or their microenvironment. Kinases in particular have been a highly studied family of targets in this context for the past 25 years.
  • Identification of chemically or biologically effective molecules capable of inhibiting or recognising therapeutic targets with very high potency and selectivity, and with the pharmacological potential to be developed in humans. In this context, increasingly sophisticated molecules are being developed, such as small molecules, humanised antibodies (and more generally, biological antibodies), and antibody drug conjugates (ADC) combining biological molecules as selective vectors coupled with a chemotherapeutic molecule or a radioisotope element (Molecular RadioTherapy: MRT).
  • Diagnosis that make it possible to select eligible patients for this type of highly specific treatment. These diagnosis generally include molecular testing on biopsies before starting treatment, accompanied by imaging methods that make it possible to identify the presence of tumours in the patient (notably using FDG – a marker of increased metabolic activity) and the effect of the therapies used (emergence of resistance)


OPM technologies are based directly on these three pillars that form the foundation of personalised medicine.

Our technological innovation is the foundation of our platform of precision medicine


Technological innovation is at the heart of the OPM model: the strategic Etiology, Discovery, and Experimentation activities, designed and carried out by OPM, contribute to a better approach to innate and acquired treatment resistance, to more effective treatments, and to the reduction of treatment failure:

  • Etiology : Study of the causes behind the diseases and the discovery of new therapeutic targets.
  • Discovery of new diagnostic or therapeutic molecules.
  • Experimentation of new treatments.

This unique innovation model makes OPM a biopharmaceutical company capable of generating knowledge about patients and their diseases, and choosing effective therapeutic solutions, in order to guide its research right from the start of partnerships, and licensing.


For OPM, there is no such thing as a good or bad molecule. All have their own potential, properties, and targets, which determine how they are used – there are only molecules whose application is yet to be found.