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Executive management

Philippe Genne

Chief Executive Officer – In

After gaining a PhD in pharmacology from the University of Dijon in 1992, Philippe Genne began his scientific career as a project leader at Debiopharm where he oversaw a clinical development program related to multi-drug resistance inhibitors. From 1992 to 1998, he also conducted preclinical development and phase I and phase II clinical trials in conjunction with Inserm. In 1995, he founded Oncodesign Biotechnology in Dijon. From that point, he has earned a reputation as a serial entrepreneur in life sciences.

He is the root to the creation and development of Oncodesign, listed on Euronext Growth from 1995 to 2022 (45 millions € revenues in 2022), and its restructuration in 2 seperate companies Oncodesign Services (ODS) and OPM. Philippe Genne is well known for his activities right across the life sciences value chain. In 2012, he helped set up the French association of life sciences service and innovation companies (AFSSI). Since 2018, he is the Vice-President of the SMEs College at Medicen.


Karine Lignel

Chief Operating Officer – In

Karine Lignel is an Agro-Food Engineer (ENSIA). She holds a Master’s degree in Finance and Management (IGIA). She started her careers in the food industry where she held technical and management positions. In 2000, Karine Lignel switched to Venture Capital, which allowed her to continue to use her scientific knowledge while sharpening her analytical, financial and, above all, coaching skills. Karine Lignel has accompanied more than sixty technology companies, mostly in the health industry, and has been a member of more than thirty boards (of mdirectors or supervisory boards). In particular, she assisted the IPO of Nanobiotix, Oncodesign and Medincell.

Since 2008, Karine Lignel has been accompanying Oncodesign as a representative of “Crédit Mutuel Innovation”.


Jan Hoflack

Chief Scientific Officer – In

Jan Hoflack obtained a PhD in organic chemistry from the University of Ghent in Belgium before gaining solid experience and taking on executive positions at Marion Merrell Dow in Strasbourg (France), Novartis in Basel (Switzerland), and AstraZeneca in Gothenburg (Sweden). He was then appointed Vice President, Medicinal Chemistry and Biosciences at Johnson and Johnson Pharmaceutical R&D (Janssen) in Beerse (Belgium). He joined Oncodesign in 2009 as an Associate Executive Director and was tasked with setting up and developing the Drug Discovery business unit. Drawing on his over 30 years of R&D experience, including 22 years in the pharmaceutical sector, Jan also devised the Nanocyclix® chemistry technology that has provided access to next-generation kinase inhibitors.

Management committee


Thierry Billoué

Chief Human Resources Officer – In

With over 20 years’ professional experience to his name, Thierry Billoué has worked in a variety of business sectors, including automotive, consumer electronics, IT services and IT security. He has supported mid-sized businesses (60 – 750 employees, revenue of €10 million-€150 million) pursuing a strategy of far-reaching transformation (exponential growth, business creation, turnaround phase, etc.). He believes that “all organizations, and all employees, are capable of transforming themselves and embracing change provided that they understand the reasons behind it, so that they strive for and effect this change themselves.”


Arnaud Lafforgue

Chief Financial and Administrative Officer – In

Arnaud Lafforgue has close to 20 years’ experience in consulting and management roles in both financial and operational functions. During his past nine years with Grant Thornton, his duties have included being Head of Transaction Services responsible for the Operational Deal Services offering. Arnaud Lafforgue graduated from the EM-Lyon business school and holds a master’s degree in management from the University of Paris X. His career began as an organizational consultant with Arthur Andersen, and he then joined Kroll Talbot Hughes, a specialist in operational and financial corporate restructuring.


Sylvie Fernandes Forster

Directrice Juridique – In

Sylvie Fernandes Forster, diplômée de 3ème cycle en droit des affaires européennes et internationales a débuté sa carrière au sein du Groupe Fournier (groupe familiale français indépendant), où, elle a eu l’occasion d’accompagner les différentes sociétés du groupe, en France et à l’international. Elle a eu par la suite l’occasion de travailler au sein d’un cabinet de droit des affaires internationales basé à Luxembourg, où elle a conseillé de grands groupes multinationaux sur des opérations de restructurations transfrontalières et a ensuite poursuivi sa carrière au sein du Groupe Vétoquinol (groupe familial indépendant exclusivement dédié à la santé animale – top 10 des laboratoires mondiaux) en tant que Responsable Juridique., des contrats de distributions ainsi que d’autres dossiers en France, aux USA, au Canada ou au UK. Avant de rejoindre Oncodesign en mai 2021, Sylvie Fernandes Forster occupait, au sein du Groupe URGO, le poste de Directeur Juridique URGO MEDICAL AND HEALTHCARE et chapeautait une équipe de 5 personnes prestant pour les entités françaises et étrangères du pôle Urgo. Ses expertises juridiques plurielles vont contribuer au développement et à la croissance d’Oncodesign Precision Medicine ; groupe au sein duquel la préoccupation du patient est le centre de notre engagement.


Stéphane Gerart

Directeur Intelligence Artificielle | Directeur IT – In

Stéphane Gerart est ingénieur Polytechnicien et Agronome (INA-PG), et détient un PhD en immunologie de l’Université Paris Descartes. Il commence sa carrière comme consultant en business development au sein du Cabinet de Conseil Novoptim, partenaire de choix dans l’accompagnement stratégique, marketing et opérationnel des sociétés des sciences de la vie en forte croissance sur le marché européen. Il rejoint ensuite au Canada la société SOPHiA GENETICS. Sa mission en tant que responsable du développement commercial de cette société, pionnière dans son domaine, lui a permis d’acquérir une expertise en intelligence artificielle et applications associées. De retour en France, il obtient le poste de responsable du business development corporate de SOPHiA GENETICS, où il est exposé à l’écosystème foisonnant des nouvelles technologies dans le monde de la santé. Il rejoint Oncodesign en 2020 pour prendre la direction de la Business Unit Intelligence Artificielle.