PROMETHE: Theranostics

With the aim of more finely and more effectively addressing resistant and metastatic cancers with no therapeutic options, OPM has opted for a theranostic approach.

The emergence of a revolutionary technology in cancer therapy

Theranostics (a combination of “therapy” and “diagnostics”) aims to both diagnose and treat cancers as part of a unified approach. These molecules target proteins expressed on cancer cells with great selectivity, with vectors that can be small molecules, peptides, or different forms of antibodies depending on the chosen target. A linker and a chelating agent are coupled to these vectors via bioconjugation. This agent makes it possible to capture radioisotopes, which, depending on the type of radionuclide used, make them either imaging or therapy agents.

This theranostic approach capitalizes on the proprietary platform of a partner with whom we are in discussion, capable of generating highly specific small biological molecules based on targets identified by OncoSNIPER, and on Pharmimage – a nuclear medicine platform by Oncodesign Services that is highly experienced in the synthesis as well as the preclinical and clinical evaluation of theranostics.


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