A CSR approach aligned with our vision and mission

OPM’s CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach fits perfectly into its culture. It is based on sharing, mutual assistance, community, sociability and, more generally, solidarity.

Alvin Toffler : “Change is not merely necessary for life – it is life. And, therefore, living means adapting.”

The aim is to counter individualistic behavior that favors individual interests to the detriment of the interests of the group and overall performance. As a player in the drug value creation chain, we must play our part in rehabilitating this industry in terms of its social contract so we can find effective drugs and make them accessible to as many of us as possible.

The values we stand for are part of our DNA and our collective commitment. For OPM, “either we succeed together, or we don’t succeed”: value creation stems from reciprocity – between employees, and with our partners, customers, experts and investors. We are working to forge a sociological footprint based on the collective good, on “working together”, on “acting together”.

The leading companies of tomorrow are those that will anticipate the needs that allow humans to develop in harmony: health is first and foremost a basic need before being a market. Human health is important, and we need a planet where our activities do not threaten life. Our responsibility is to act in a way that respects philosophical and scientific principles, so that our technological and economic development does not threaten our living conditions, but instead benefits as many different people as possible.

This is the mindset that led to OPM going to great lengths and making significant investments to organize the driving forces and promote innovation, initiate research collaborations, pool resources and co-develop tools and technologies. OPM must prefigure the medicine of tomorrow.

The key points of our CSR approach


Creating innovation for the benefit of patients with no therapeutic solution

We work to build a continuum from the target to the patient in order to deliver true precision medicine, by developing diagnostic and therapeutic tools to deliver the right treatment to the right patient at the right time, ensuring that effective medicines are available at an affordable price for everyone.

Guaranteeing impeccable integrity for our partners and the patients

OPM is structured in such a way as to work for the benefit of others and to interact seamlessly with its environment: the partnerships must be impeccable in terms of scientific and technological excellence. We must deliver the best of ourselves in partnerships with the patient’s interest at the center of the process.

Protecting the environment

OPM carry out its activities in an environmentally-friendly manner and limit its consumption to the strict minimum required for the proper performance of its business, all while incorporating a reduce-and-recycle plan for all office waste.

Guaranteeing integrity and confidentiality for the data entrusted to us as well as our own data

OPM undertakes to ensure that the results and reports generated, recorded and processed as part of its activities are accurate, complete and reliable. They must accurately reflect the true nature of the data and results generated and must remain confidential.

Adopting a committed social policy

OPM is committed to social dialog, so it can develop and maintain employee engagement and encourage their involvement in local or solidarity development projects.

Guaranteeing loyalty in all our practices

OPM undertake to guarantee the integrity of all its exchanges with partners, shareholders and employees. We forbid all types of commercial fraud, blackmail or acts of intimidation, we comply with the regulations relating to intellectual property law, we include non-corruption clauses in our business contracts and we make our employees aware of possible conflicts of interest and insider trading.